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Business Plans

Research shows that 78% of businesses fail because they do not have a clear plan. Another 22% of businesses don’t grow because they just haven’t sorted out their plans and growth strategy. Whether you are a startup or an established business, you need a business plan.

Investment Due Diligence

Every year billions of dollars are invested in growing business. One of the most critical aspect of the investment process, is performing a due diligence. Whether you are looking to invest in a startup or an established business, you need a thorough and professional due diligence of the investment.

Virtual CFO

Several entrepreneurs lose valuable time focussing on accounting, financial planning, and compliance, instead of focusing on growth, business development, and strategy. Result? Loss of valuable time! Why hire a full-time CFO, when our team of Virtual CFOs can handle all your pains at a fraction of the cost?

Financial Consulting

Are you running a business that is people-dependent, and not process-dependent? Are you getting inaccurate reports from your accounting system? Then you need a financial process restructuring. Get in touch with our experts, for a preliminary assessment of where you stand.

Investment Banking

Are you looking to raise capital? Whether you are looking for equity capital, or debt finance, our team of experts can work with your company in the fund raising process. With access to both local and international investment banks, our team will help you get the right investors on board.

Business Consulting Solutions.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


At KayOne Consulting, we help clients on key strategic issues, leveraging our deep industry expertise. We specialize in equity valuations, business plans, due diligence, and investment banking. Using our inputs backed up by research, and analytical rigor, our clients are able to make informed decisions more quickly, and solve their toughest, and most critical business problems.

Today, we have clients in more than 23 countries spread across six continents. We advise and support clients ranging from innovative startups to global companies that are leaders in their space.


In simple words, we help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. This include pre-investment and post-investment support services. Our expertise lies in business plan, equity valuations, due diligence, and financial consulting.

Our team of experts have decades of domain expertise in Technology, SaaS, food and beverage, real estate, manufacturing, retail, cryptocurrency and many more. Depending on the requirements for the project, our team compositions changes to suit our customer needs.

Our core focus is helping entrepreneurs in the funding raising process (pre-investment and post-investment). We also help our early stage startup clients raise capital (both debt and equity).

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